HOBAO Cage Buggy (Black) 1/8

Picture of HOBAO Cage  Buggy (Black) 1/8
HOBAO Cage Buggy (Black) 1/8 150 AmP Hobby Wing ESC Brushless

$749.00 incl tax
Manufacturer: HOBAO

Hobao Hyper Cage Buggy 4WD Electric 1/8 RTR

Tired of that common off road buggy look, with ugly body styling representing nothing in particular? Then why not spice up your off road buggy bashing experience with the new HoBao Hyper Cage Buggy. Using the new SS chassis platform the Cage buggy features a complete aluminum roll cage similar to some of today's single seater full size buggies. Performance is everything you come to expect from HoBao with the quality and rugged design ideal for the demands of 1/8 off road. Despite its complex appearance the lightweight and impact resistant aluminum tubular cage can be hinged forward quickly with the simple removal of four screws providing quick access to the chassis and engine components.

As an electric rolling chassis you are free to decide what electronic package is best for you and your budget. In Hyper Cage Buggy Electric you will find a chassis that can accommodate most of todays current crop of high performance brushless motors, speed controllers and LiPo batteries. The molded battery tray features three quick release velcro straps perfect for 2S, 3S and 4S packs. Color coded, anodized aluminum chassis parts complement the roll cage assembly for an eye-catching look. The newly designed front C-Hub suspension assembly, 3-differential driveline and 17mm big bore shocks soak up all that is in their path.

If you want something different and are looking to stand out from the crowd maybe the solution is the Hyper Cage Buggy Electric.


• Full aluminum roll cage
• Aluminum chassis side guards
• Turnbuckles
• 4mm ALu F/R shock towers
• Highly efficient drivetrain
• Lightweight center drive shaft
• F/R anti roll bars
• New c-hub design
• Next generation 17mm big bore shocks
• Battery box
• Adjustable motor mount
• 16T 32dp Pinion