Estes Quark Flying Model Rocket Kit

Picture of Estes Quark Flying Model Rocket Kit
Estes Quark Flying Model Rocket Kit EST-0802

$11.99 incl tax
Manufacturer: ESTES

Estes Quark is one amazing mini machine. This rocket can reach incredible speeds because of its little stature. This little rocket only stands 5 inches tall, but don't count this thing out of the fight just yet. With using just a mini Estes rocket engine this peewee rocket can fly up to 700 feet. With no parachute needed, the rocket uses a feature called tumble recovery, you will save money on supplies. The design of this rocket includes some unique swept fins and slender nose cone which allows it to fly so high.

This Skill Level 1 model rocket kit is one of the easiest rockets to construct with only seven parts. This cloud flying, speed demon only takes an afternoon to finish and will provide a jaw-dropping afternoon. Because of its short body tube the Quark has over sized fins for stability and recovery. Feel free to get a little ?Quarky? over this mighty mite.