About Us

Starting in the smallest of stores in the malaga markets in 2009 , Toy central has rapidly grown to a fantastic Hobby store for kids of all ages.
We still have the Malaga markets store (its 5 times bigger now) and our store @ 44 prindiville drive , Wangara which has just under gone a 50sqm expansion to around 170sqm of retail space.

Originally we started by importing helicopters and that was pretty much all we sold for 6 months as well as a few toys. Hence the name.
What set us apart from the bigger stores was 3 things:
  1) customer service. We dont just say it - we do it!
  2) Price. when others sold helicopters for $110, we sold the upgraded models for $60. No middleman, no wholesaler, direct from the factories to us. Quite simple, keeps the price down.
  3) availability of parts and helping people. We may not sell as many brands as others, but we carry the parts for every thing we sell (98% of the time they are in stock, yes- occasionally we get caught out)

AS time went on we added more products, and then circumstances saw things change, a big decision was made and we took over a car yard building in the middle of a industrial area! they said we were mad (and at times, they were right!).
Its a recession you know! Ah well firstly toys and kites and ride ons for kids, and more helicopters, oh the helicopters- and then planes and then boats, and then electric r/c cars and then bajas. oh bajas, the little shop in wangara ended up with argubly the biggest selection of parts in the country. And the prices- mate, blah blah wants twice as much for that! Been looking for a decent NGK plug for 2 months now, no ones got one. ten bucks, mate, your a champion! I can get a whole diff for my baja for $90 -sweet. you got just one gear if i want it. great! and OMG, these guys are actually HELPFUL and give us advice and their prices are SENSIBLE, and maybe, just maybe, they actually really enjoy this stuff. whadya mean i don't have to wait 3 weeks to get my car fixed. oh, you can do that little job now? hey, thanks! whadya mean we can have a demo? whadya mean i can have a go? COOL!!

And so from the the little shop in wangara with not a lot in it, we grew and grew. and here we are, a 20'or 40' container lobs every few weeks and its like christmas all over again, and the local suppliers who didn't want to know about the little toy shop in wangara sit up and take notice and suddenly they can do deals, and then we can compete with the 'big boys' - and life is good.

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! Whats in the future? Just you wait and see. Some thing this country has never seen before - patience grasshopper - watch this space! And now there are 6.
The staff we have compliment each other. somes good on the bajas, some on the electric.
Drifting? have a chat to chad. Wanna laugh? come in on saturday when glens helping us out. Bajas? Tonys got 1/2 an idea. Glen'll rebuild ya dusted motor (told ya to get an outer wears, bloody sand) Gav'll fit ya 2 speed up to ya rovan. Between us all, we'll work it out. some times the customers even tell us stuff. And the big boss, Mandy, she'll do all the stuff the boys don't get to. Empty the bins, mop the floor, look after the kids while the old man checks out the toys 'its for the boys birthday ya know' and gives us a wink. (never did work out why a 6 year old needs a 100 Kmh savage!) And jodes will give ya a run down on what hubby might want for his birthday. Mike and Tom can help you on the other stuff too.

So now im waffling! Come in and see us! we're open 6 Days in Wangara (10 a.m -6 p.m Mon-sat.,and the Malaga markets is open Fri, Sat, Sun and public holidays 9-6p.m)